NWU prospectus 2023-2024

By | May 11, 2022

NWU prospectus 2023-2024

NWU prospectus 2023-2024

NWU prospectus 

About North-West University 

  • The goal of the University’s short-term programs is to prepare students for meaningful employment. To do this, the University has a professional faculty, skilled administration, and a top-notch support team. To create a vibrant, happy, and welcome atmosphere, the facilities are well-equipped, clean, and beautifully designed. The greatest emphasis of the College is educational excellence. Students are admitted based on their capacity to profit, not their ethnicity, color, or creed.

NWU prospectus 2023-2024

  • Each institution has its own prospectus that applicants must read in order to finish their application. The information below explains how to obtain a copy of North-West University’s online prospectus.
  • To avoid rejection from the authorities, study the North-West University online admission policy or application rules and regulations before beginning the admission or application procedure.

North-West University’s online admission policy is available for download below.

  • Applicants can see the NWU Admission Policy here to learn about the rules and regulations that govern the application process.

Online prospectus for North-West University

Some advantages of the online prospectus for applicants

  • The NWU prospectus contains detailed information on all you need to know about the North-West University’s degree offerings, course specifics, accommodation, school fees, bursaries, and entrance criteria.
  • Northwest University’s prospectus for 2023-2024 can be downloaded in Portable Document Format (PDF) or Microsoft Word format.
  • The North-West University web prospectus introduces candidates to live at the university by explaining the campus, its services, and amenities. All undergraduate programs are described in detail.
  • The Prospectus provides all of the information needed by a prospective student to be completely admitted to the university.

North-West University Application Closing Dates

It is critical that you are aware of the North-West University application deadlines. The different deadlines are noted below.

  • Non-selection courses: 30 September
  • Music: 31 August
  • Graphic Design: 31 August
  • Engineering: 30 September
  • Occupational Hygiene: 30 September
  • Urban and Regional planning: 30 September
  • Pharmacy: 31 July
  • All other selection courses: 31 July

Download the nwu prospectus here


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