NWU online Registration 2023-2024

By | May 11, 2022

NWU online Registration 2023-2024

NWU online Registration 2023-2024

NWU online Registration 

About North-West University in brief

  • On all three of its campuses, Northwest Institution is committed to operating as a unified, integrated, multi-campus university that fosters equity, redress, and internationally competitive teaching and research. Our major activities, teaching-learning, and research are integrated with community participation and innovation in our eight faculties, which serve both distance and contact students.

NWU online Registration for 2023-2024

Listed below are the various online registration dates for:

  • First-year registration dates (25/01/2023 – 16/02/2023)
  • Seniors registration dates (31/01/2023 – 18/02/2023)
  • 1st-semester module and qualification change (14/02/2023 – 04/03/2023)

NWU Module

  • Modifications to modules may be made using the Adds&Drops DIY software (Where amendments cannot be requested via the app, module change forms must be completed and submitted.).
  • Complete and submit forms for qualification modifications to the faculties for consideration.

NWU Registration process 

Applicants must follow a procedure for each registration. The many processes are mentioned below in link form to follow.

NWU Online Registration

Applicants can register online using the URL provided below. Please read the Guidelines for Self-Registration to prevent registration rejection.

North-West University Campuses for Applicants

  • West Covina Campus
  • Pomona Valley Campus
  • Van Nuys Campus
  • Glendale Campus
  • Riverside Campus
  • Long Beach Campus
  • Anaheim Campus
  • San Diego Campus
  • Bakersfield Campus
North-West University offers the following faculties and programs to applicants:
  • Accounting Sciences, Business and Governance (Business School), Economic Sciences, Industrial Psychology, and Human Resource Management, Management Sciences Language Education, Psycho-Social Education, Professional Studies in Education, Mathematics, Science, and Technology are all aspects of tourism education. Education, Commerce, and Social Studies are all subjects taught at schools.
  • Chemical and mineral engineering, electrical, electronic, and computer engineering, mechanical and nuclear engineering, and industrial engineering are all examples of engineering disciplines.
  • Humanities – Communication Studies, Government Studies, Languages, Music, Philosophy, and Social Sciences
    BA (Law), Bcom (Law), LLB (Law)
  • Physical and chemical sciences, biological sciences, geo- and spatial sciences, agricultural sciences, mathematical and statistical sciences, computer sciences and information systems, business mathematics, and informatics are all examples of natural and agricultural sciences.
  • Theology – Christian Ministry and Leadership, as well as Ancient Language and Text Studies


North-West University Online Application

For more information on NWU visit the site here

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