How to register UWC Online 2023-2024

By | May 12, 2022

How to register UWC Online 2023-2024

How to register UWC Online 2023-2024

How to register UWC Online 

About University of Western Cape

  • The Institution of the Western Cape (UWC) is a South African public university located in Bellville, a suburb of Cape Town. In 1960, the South African government established the university as a colored-only institution.
    The Western Cape Institution is a public university in the Bellville district of Cape Town, South Africa. The University of the Western Cape has a long history of inventive opposition to injustice, inequality, and disadvantage.
  • It has been at the vanguard of South Africa’s historic transformation, playing a unique academic role in assisting in the establishment of a just and dynamic nation. UWC’s major concerns concerning higher education access, fairness, and quality originate from extensive hands-on experience aiding the historically underprivileged to fully engage in society.

How to register UWC Online 2023-2024

  • UWC offers two methods for students to formally register: self-registration (online registration) or assisted registration, in which students can confer with their Faculty and request a specific day for assistance with registration.
  • In contrast, the university encourages students to register online since it is quick and straightforward, and instructions on how to do so are provided.

Students must complete the following steps to register online:

  • To access the Student Portal, go to
  • To log in, enter your Student Number and ID/Passport Number.
  • Then they should complete the registration procedure by following the directions on the main menu.
  • No late registrations will be allowed unless permission from the relevant Faculty is obtained and granted.

Registration help on campus

  • Only on the days and times specified, from 09h00 to 15h00, will aid registration and curriculum advising be offered on campus for the following faculties and programs:
  • The Arts and Humanities Faculty will be closed from January 31 to February 10, 2022. (Undergraduate students, both new and returning) – Sports Stadium of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences – 31 January to 10 February 2022 (BCOM and ECP students only) – 3–8 February 2022, Faculty of Education, CAMS Building (New undergraduate and PGCE students only) – S26, also known as Sports Stadium
  • All additional faculties and programs (not mentioned above) will have online registration and curriculum advising.
  • A student will be issued an admission permit the day before the Faculty’s assisted registration day, which they must provide at the gate along with their vaccination card/certificate. Only vaccinated students will be permitted on campus, as will only vaccinated parents, guardians, and friends. Students who have not been immunized must complete curriculum counseling and enroll online. 
  • Click here for additional information about registration.

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